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Zacamil, Tepecoyo

Zacamil is a rural community about a 30 minute up-hill walk from Tepecoyo, which is located about one hour outside of San Salvador in the department of La Libertad. In the past, the economy of this small district is has been largely dependent on nearby coffee plantations, but with the fall in coffee prices, many landowners are no longer producing coffee, leaving most people in the area without work or sufficient income. As a result, many families do not have means to survive. Many children do not have access to education because their families cannot afford the basic costs (uniform, food, school supplies, transportation, etc.).

Role of Casa Student: The students’ host family in Zacamil recently lost their son, Yovani, a bright young man who brought much joy to the family. Through accompanying them in their grief, students will learn about healing after loss while learning about the daily setbacks Salvadorans face while navigating the country’s healthcare system. In addition to accompanying Yovani’s family, students have the opportunity to teach English to children in the community and visit homes of community members located in the hills of Zacamil.