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The Silvia Arriola Summer Program

The summer program focuses on health care and public health in El Salvador and provides students with a unique opportunity to integrate direct immersion with people living in poor communities (praxis sites) and academic study. This intensive program will focus on what the health problems are in El Salvador, why the country has these health issues, and how they are being handled from both a medical response to disease and public health programs, which try to reduce the frequency of disease before people need medical care.

Students participate in two academic courses: Health Care and Public Health in El Salvador and either Advanced or Conversational Spanish. These courses are designed to intentionally integrate students’ experience in their praxis site with the academic discipline.

  • About Silvia Arriola

    The program is named after Silvia Maribel Arriola who was born to privileged Salvadorans in 1951. As a child, Silvia was sent to an exclusive Catholic girls school in San Salvador. Upon graduation, she joined a religious order and was trained as a nurse. Dismantling her identity as a middle-class professional, Sister Silvia took to the base communities of poor people throughout the region. Vowing to work fully and completely to this life, Sister Silvia lived in the slums with four other sisters. She ministered to the health and spiritual needs of homeless refugees during the day, and attended community meetings at night.

In order to apply, students must:

 SCU Students: The study abroad application process for SCU students is a two-step process. First, SCU students must complete the SCU study abroad application by the deadline listed on our apply page. SCU student nominees will then receive individual instructions about the CASA application process. Contact the SCU Study Abroad Office ( if you have any questions about this process.

Deadline Application- March 1st

Arrival- June 18th

Departure- July 16th


The El Salvador Public Health Program Tuition and Program fees covers tuition, housing in a shared room at the Casa, meals during the week, and also includes many excursions and field trips or cultural activities. This does NOT include travel to El Salvador, books, and other incidentals such as weekend meals, supplies or personal expenses.

*Program costs may be altered by SCU’s Board of Trustees. Be sure to confirm program costs.

Additional Expenses

Tourist Visa (upon entering El Salvador) - $10

Weekend Meals: $50

Books & Supplies: $100

Personal Expenses: $60

Airfare: $800

Living Expenses: $60