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A semester abroad with Casa de la Solidaridad is not your typical study abroad experience.  It is an education of transformation that will expand your imagination, broaden your worldview, and provide an international dimension to your academic experience.  Casa de la Solidaridad has a unique educational philosophy:  In order to better understand the world – and our relation to it – we need to experience it firsthand and be immersed in it.  Therefore, Casa emphasizes living and learning in Salvadoran communities and sharing in the daily realities of the people.  You will gain knowledge and wisdom about yourself, the world and your place in it.   

Casa de la Solidaridad has been so successful at transforming student’s lives because the program is rooted in the integration of the four areas: accompaniment with those who suffer most, rigorous academic study, simple community living and spirituality. Click on each of the pillars to read the reflections of Casa alums and our Salvadoran partners to better understand each pillar.