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"Accompaniment of the poor is one of the most profound aspects of this program. Even the idea of  accompaniment was new to me, let alone the accompaniment of the poor. The idea of walking with someone, being present in their everyday life, for the big stuff and the little stuff, listening, truly listening with your mind, body and soul, walking side-by-side instead of one person leading the other. These are the images and phrases that are evoked for me when I think about accompaniment." - Casa alum.

"Entering Casa I had heard the word "accompaniment " with the poor and was very much of the mind frame of being with rather than doing for. This experience of mutual accompaniment with those living in poverty was transforming. Without realizing it I was being taught profound lessons of being vs. doing. The experts were the women and children in the community who put up with my poor Spanish and accompanied my world and image of self being broken open. Through this accompaniment I learned the power of community; the power of a small group of people to transform a community; the strength and resilience of the human person. I entered into solidarity." – Casa alum.

“I would say that one of the main characteristics of the Casa is that it gives honor to its name, solidaridad. It’s not just theory but practiced. Students are inserted into the reality of the people, and learn about the reality of how people are living and how they are feeling. These visits are really to accompany the people, to live together with them. One of the characteristics is the friendship offered. The truth is that when one really touches the reality, solidarity grows. Yes, the program honors its name Casa de la Solidaridad". - Anita Landaverde, Praxis site partners from San Ramon