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"I loved the aspect of simple community living in Casa. It enabled our community to build some of the strongest friendships I have ever been a part of. When I think back on living in Romero, I think of taking our 3 minute freezing showers while shouting Disney song lyrics to keep us distracted from the cold, I think of playing the card game Spades from dinner until the wee hours of the morning, I think of talking to my housemates through the thin walls at night, I think of fiestas de limpieza and singing and dancing together, I think of the intimacy of friendship that could only be obtained without the distractions we are so overwhelmed with at home. It was truly a blessing to live in this community style." - Casa alum

"I think the way that community is lived out at the casa is especially important to note. We are in the midst of a time of deep disconnection from our fellow human beings. Celebrity gossip and social media take up a bulk of our time, and in many ways, we have forgotten how to be with ourselves and with each other in a healthy and social way. The social life at college surrounds around cultures that are so negative for human formation. The drinking and drug culture and the hook up culture are just two examples of social life in college, but we learn at that stage in life to value certain kinds of people and to devalue others. Coming to the Casa, in my own experience and from talking with Casa peers, is often the first time where people feel safe and comfortable to truly be themselves. The distractions like internet in the home, facebook, and drinking copious amounts of alcohol are taken out of the equation, and it fostered the kinds of genuine relationships between myself and my Casa peers that I didn’t even think possible. I felt like we were in true relationship with one another, paying attention to and dialoguing about what actually mattered for the first time in my entire life. Instead of resorting to surface conversations or gossip about those around us, we filled our time with genuinely intellectual and meaningful conversation, games and true group leisure, and healthy and fulfilling social outlets. Also, as I have alluded to in previous answers, the pillar of simple, community living taught me much about myself and about how I approach and interact with others. My listening skills grew exponentially, and I became better and more honest about conflict, my own needs, and becoming aware of the needs of those around me."   - Casa alum