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"The Casa Program gave me the courage and opportunity to question and strengthen my relationship with God and live a life of faith and spirituality. I was able to face the reality of suffering in the world, in El Salvador, and question and embrace how grace, community and resilience can enter into that suffering in a very liberating, beautiful way. Hands down, I am the person I am today because of my Casa experience, because of my Casa community."  - Casa Alum

"Throughout our weekly spirituality nights, my concept of who God is and how (s)he is present in our lives continued to evolve. I learned about how God can be present through suffering not despite it. My spirituality became much more integrated in my life during these months. I was living with an undercurrent of prayer and I learned how much richer my own openness and ability to participate and connect with those around me became as a result of a much more direct link to my creator." - Casa Alum

"The Casa certainly drove my understanding of myself, the role of spirituality in my life, and the way I think about personal and professional commitments that are driven by a commitment to justice" - Casa Alum

"The spirituality component again provided a vital space for reflection. It allowed me to process what I was dealing with everyday in terms of my own spirituality and really reflect on my past, present and future. The spirituality nights were such an incredible space of peace, community and reflection for me that always left me grateful and more aware of myself and my surroundings. I grew deeply in my faith while in El Salvador and was also challenged to see things from a new perspective by hearing about other people's faith journeys. The spirituality component was one of the most important ways for me to bring together everything that was happening in the country" - Casa Alum