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STEP 1: Ask Why!  Why Study Abroad at SCU?

At SCU, discernment is key. Learn why students participate on our Study Abroad programs. SCU Study Abroad is an academically integrated opportunity to engage with a community abroad and advance academic, professional, cultural and personal goals.

To help you explore why, our office offers 8 hours of drop-in advising each week along with an event series, including Study Abroad 101 sessions, sessions about internships abroad, and more. Check out our calendar for more information.

Selecting a program that is aligned with your majors or minors is important in gaining a global perspective on your areas of study. This additionally helps you make a more competitive application to study abroad as the first and foremost focus is academics abroad. No more than 30 students per study abroad program will be nominated.

STEP 2: Explore Academics Abroad

STEP 3: Consider How Your Identities will Evolve Abroad

  • Emma Ferrell


    Emma Ferrell

    "My girlfriend and I actually met while studying in Perugia, and we were never given any trouble. While it’s not necessarily the most vibrant community in Perugia, most of the students, faculty, and local Italians I came across were nothing less than open-minded and accepting. While same-sex dating/handholding/etc. might garner curious looks, you’re not going to be given death-stares or be ostracized."

STEP 4: Hear from an SCU Student

  • Lindsey Allen


    Lindsey Allen

    "Our independent study topics ranged from social movements to music ­all gathered from what we learned during lectures, excursions, or engagement with Moroccan culture.  Personally, my independent study piece focused on the social stigmatization faced by Moroccan leprosy patients."

STEP 5: Begin Preparing Financally

  • Yuliana Mendoza


    Yuliana Mendoza

    "Restaurants are very expensive, so I suggest only going to restaurants if you are going with friends so that it is more of an experience. If you are not eating out with people, stay in and cook with your dorm or flatmates! Groceries were about $50/week for me, which was better compared to paying $10­ - $15 for every meal at restaurants. If you are going to splurge on eating out, go to famous bakeries or restaurants in the area so that it is worth it."

STEP 6: Begin the conversation with your Family

  • Cole Daily


    Cole Daily

    "We did our research on the program though and felt good about her opportunity there."

STEP 7: Familiarize Yourself with Study Abroad Policies & Procedure

STEP 8: Complete your Application!

  • Olivia Chambliss

    Diversity Perspective

    Olivia Chambliss

    "Studying abroad was an amazing opportunity that provided me with a newfound sense of confidence and independence. I was in a situation where I did not speak the local language very well, I did not know anyone in the country or my program, and I did not know much about Ecuadorian culture. However, these challenges that I faced were necessary to my academic and personal growth. Study abroad served as a unique opportunity for me to refine my values and discover my strengths."

  • Lindsey Allen

    Diversity Perspective

    Lindsey Allen

    "I am so thankful for all the valuable lessons learned and memories gained from my time in Morocco. I left my study abroad experience with a newfound sense of the global impact I desire to have in my future career, cultivated academic interests, and created a new home for myself. I was able to accomplish my goals through having a sense of what I wanted to gain from studying in Morocco and being open to new directions my experience took me while I was there."