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Scholarship Essay Tips

Step 1: Start early and do a bit every day.  If you wait until the last minute, it will show!

Step 2: Research the mission of the scholarship.  Questions to ask:

  • Why are they offering their scholarship? What are they hoping will happen as a result?
  • How does the essay question that they are asking relate to their mission?

Tailor your essay to align with the mission and goals for the scholarship. 

Example: If the goal of their scholarship is to foster knowledge of Japanese culture in American students, think about your experience with Japanese language study or culture in the US, think about the ways that your program highlights experiences with Japanese culture, think about ways that you will be able to share your knowledge when you come back.

Step 3: Evaluate your strengths.  Questions to ask:

  • What are your leadership experiences? What are your qualities as a leader?
  • What are your academic achievements? What are you the most proud of academically?
  • How are you involved at SCU? How do you build community at SCU?
  • What makes you unique? Why should you receive this scholarship?

Tailor your essay to include your best strengths or the strengths that are being evaluated by the essay question.

Example: If you are looking at a scholarship with a goal of fostering business connections between the US and Argentina, and your program has an internship which is why you’ve selected it, include what experience you are bringing into your internship and what areas you hope to grow.

Step 4: Get feedback!

Ask everyone to give honest feedback and tell you what might be missing.