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Major and Abroad Programs (MAP) Advising Guides

Academic Planning & Major Advising Guides

The first step in the academic planning process is to review and list remaining major, minor, and core requirements. With these students can search the Database of SCU Study Abroad Course Equivalencies to identify programs that meet your academic needs. For study abroad courses that are not yet included in the database students are encouraged to Request evaluations for major, minor, and core equivalencies. 

The Major Advising Guides below provide students with recommended programs for their majors. Each guide contains details on selected programs and highights opportunities for engagement such as research opportunities, internships, intensive language study, studying with local students, and volunteer or service learning. 

Selecting a program that is aligned with your major or minor or both is important to gaining a Global perspective on your areas of study.  This additionally helps you make a more competitive application to Study Abroad as the first and foremost focus is academics abroad.  No more than 30 students per Study Abroad program will be nominated.

Saron Goitomimage

Diversity Perspective

Saron Goitom

"The best way to succeed in the Casa program is to fully engage and ask questions. In Public Health and Health Care in El Salvador, majority of time is spent connecting our readings with the experiences in the praxis communities. It’s also interesting to hear about the history and health of the community if a person has/is living through it, it brings the situation to life, which is what many people in the program feel had the biggest impact on their learning experience."

Lindsey Allenimage

Diversity Perspective

Lindsey Allen

"During the fall quarter of my junior year, I studied abroad in Rabat, Morocco with the School of International Training’s 'Morocco: Field Studies in Journalism and New Media' (SIT MOJ) program. I chose this program in order to explore possible career interests and utilize skills I had learned at SCU in a global context."

Gus Hardyimage

Diversity Perspective

Gus Hardy

"I knew that I wanted to go the Philippines ever since I was in high school. Back in high school when I considered writing fiction for a career, I believed that the Philippines would be an ideal location to set a book. The islands have so much intrigue and clashing histories that I knew I would have to go to them one day. By selecting Casa Bayanihan for my program, I would be embarking upon a journey I could never have imagined."

Marie McNamaraimage

Diversity Perspective

Marie McNamara

"As an engineering student, in order to go abroad I needed to make sure that the program I selected would fit with my major and core requirements. To do this, I consulted the course catalog regularly and worked with the Study Abroad Office to pick the best option. My discernment process was almost solely based on academics and course approvals."