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Application Forms for Affiliated Programs

Links to online application forms for students who have been approved to apply to the affiliated providers. Be sure to submit your completed application materials to the providers by the deadlines stated on their websites.

Application Forms for Exchange Programs

Additional Forms

These general forms are available for your use as needed.  

  • SCU STUDY ABROAD ACADEMIC PLANNING FORM (PDF): This form is used to plan your study abroad coursework and your remaining terms at SCU.  This completed form must be uploaded into your SCU Study Abroad online application.  The form must be signed by your major advisor.
  • BUDGET PLANNING WORKSHEET (PDF): Helpful worksheet to help you and your parents check the affordability of your study abroad program choice.
Marie McNamaraimage

Diversity Perspective

Marie McNamara

"Going abroad was an adventure of a lifetime. Everyday I was met with new people and new experiences. I learned to embrace the Irish way of life. One thing that I found surprising was that although I speak English, as do the Irish, our commonalities in language did not necessarily mean our cultures were the same. The Irish people have different values, norms, and ideas. They are a unique group of people and I greatly appreciated getting to know them."

Elleni Hailuimage

Diversity Perspective

Elleni Hailu

"Cultural humility, competence, and most of all El Salvadoran culture and spirituality were highlighted during this program and it has impacted every single one of us in the program in such a short time. I was fortunate enough to be among one of the most loving, inspiring, and community-oriented individuals."