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Parents & Family

SCU Study Abroad believes you play an important role in your student's decision to study abroad.  

Students sometimes resist applying due to small obstacles that may seem overwhelming without a family member’s guidance. They may believe that study abroad is too expensive, worry about missing out on activities back home, or think it doesn’t fit into their academic plan.

We're excited to partner with you, as you can help us successfully prepare your student by bringing this opportunity to their attention early and often, and support them by learning about the process through this website.

How can I help my student select a program?

You can help your student select a study abroad program that is the best fit for them. You can guide them to an appropriate choice and assist them in preparing for that program as well.

How can I help in ensuring my student's safety abroad?

The most important thing you can do to keep your student safe is to be well ­informed yourself. If you have a specific concern or your student has a special need, encourage your student to discuss it with us.