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Costs & Financial Aid

Financing Study Abroad

One of the criteria on which we base our partnership decisions is their Financial Aid opportunities.  We believe that if students can afford to study at Santa Clara University, they should be able to participate on Study Abroad.  Learn more about Financial Aid and Study Abroad.  Be sure to additionally encourage your student to work directly with Financial Aid to learn about available grants, scholarships, and loans.  Your student should also research scholarships available by their host institution or organization as well as national scholarships.  The earlier that your student begins the scholarship search, the more time and options they will have.

Encourage your student to meet with us and to complete an SCU Study Abroad Budget Planning Worksheet.  At that point, we can discuss additional funding options.

Program Fees, Housing Fees, & Tuition

To determine the cost of your student's program, please visit our program search and find their program.  You can then compare the price level with our Fees & Aid page to determine their program cost.

More information about what is included in the program fee.

Additional Costs and Strategies


Your student must have a valid passport to travel outside of the United States. To see prices for ordering, renewing, or adding pages to your student’s passport, please visit the State Department website and leave plenty of time for your request to be processed.

Your student may also need immunizations before traveling. To learn which immunizations the CDC recommends for your student’s future host country country, please visit the CDC website.

Your student will have to buy round­trip plane tickets. Encourage your students to ask the host organization or institution for recommendations on airlines, travel dates, and other details. If looking for a flight for your student, try travel search engines and airline websites.

Cost of Living

Daily life in another country may be cheaper or more expensive for your student, depending on where they study abroad. You can compare the cost of living using an online cost of­ living calculator and discuss the results with your student. Also take into account the exchange rate.  You can use a search engine to calculate how much your dollars will be worth in the local currency.


We encourage your student to engage in the local community rather than traveling outside of it every weekend.  Even so, your student may want to participate in group activities, extracurricular adventures, or additional travel during their time abroad.  Encourage your student to be involved in their local community and if they do intend to travel outside, plan a budget ahead of time with your student.