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Policies & Procedure

Your Responsibility

Learn more about Study Abroad's Policies and Procedures.  You are responsible for knowing and adhering by all the policies and procedures related to study abroad programs at Santa Clara University.

What does Study Abroad cost?

Many of our program fees are equivalent to attending SCU and living on campus. There are also extensive opportunities for additional Financial Aid.

Can I take a class Pass / No Pass?

Study Abroad is an opportunity to explore your academics abroad. Before declaring P/NP, make sure you're taking advantage of all support abroad.

Need to withdrawal from your program?

Depending on the time that you submit your withdrawal, you may be subject to full fees. Before withdrawaling, please contact us.

What are the standards of student conduct abroad?

Students are held to many standards of conduct while abroad.

Am I eligible to Study Abroad?

Study Abroad does have eligibility requirements at SCU. If you have concerns, contact us.

Concerned about ability while abroad?

SCU is committed to offering equal access. Learn more and contact us with any concerns.

What is the process after I'm nominated by SCU?

After you are nominated by SCU, there are still steps that you need to take.

What will class be like abroad?

Classes abroad might be different than the classroom you're used to at SCU.

What will living be like abroad?

Your home abroad might be different than the home you're used to back at SCU.