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Approved & Non-Approved Programs

Approved Programs

Santa Clara takes great care to offer programs of the highest academic standard and reputation that align with the University's curriculum as well as goals for cultural integration. Study abroad programs that are approved by Santa Clara University have gone through a vetting process and have been approved by the Global Engagement Office. To ensure continued academic quality and effectively manage the health and safety issues inherent in study abroad, the Global Engagement Office monitors programs through returned student evaluations and close communication with programs. In addition, the Global Engagement Office maintains information on all approved programs including details regarding credit and transcripts, and course descriptions and syllabi.

Non-Approved Programs

Students who wish to study abroad in a non-approved program or whose applications are not nominated for study abroad through SCU but who still want to pursue study abroad must withdraw from the University for the term abroad. Students who take a leave of absence from SCU to study abroad will receive transfer units for the coursework taken abroad in keeping with the University’s regular policy on transfer credit. The University’s transfer credit policy allows for a lifetime maximum of ten units to be transferred to Santa Clara from all outside institutions and these units may not count toward the major, minor or Core requirements. Students are also ineligible to use Santa Clara financial aid while on leave from the University. Students who choose to withdraw from the University for study abroad must complete the leave of absence paperwork and exit interviews with the Drahmann Center and the Office of the Registrar. Students should refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin for complete information on the University withdrawal process.