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Disabilities & Abroad

Academic Accommodations

The University is committed to offering equal access to the Study Abroad Program for students with disabilities. Physical accessibility and learning support systems may differ dramatically abroad and therefore it is essential that students with special needs communicate with SCU Study Abroad early in the process of pursuing off-campus study in order to identify a specific program capable of accommodating the student’s special needs. 

Students currently receiving academic accommodations through the Office of Disabilities Resources,  should obtain a letter from Disabilities Resources which: 1) verifies that the student has been documented to receive academic accommodations through Santa Clara University and, 2) describes the accommodations currently received and, 3) the accommodations desired abroad. Students should email this letter to their study abroad program as early as possible after being admitted. Students should continue to communicate with their program about what accommodations may be available on-site throughout the departure process. The provision for an academic accommodation is at the discretion of the international program. 

The following is an overview of the steps that students must take throughout the application and participation processes: 

1) During the advising process, as soon as possible, any student with a disability should meet with SCU Study Abroad staff, to discuss special needs and academic goals. SCU Study Abroad staff will work with the student to identify a program which can accommodate the student’s needs. 

2) All students must sign the Consent form related to disability in the Off-Campus Study application which reads: 

I understand that many off-campus study programs will accommodate students with disabilities or special needs when provided proper documentation. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the Study Abroad Office of any disability or special need during the advising and application process. I understand also that I may be required to work with the Director of Disabilities Resources and with my program provider to provide the appropriate documentation pertaining to any special needs prior to the start of the program. 

3) During the participation process, a Health Report may be required for some programs. Students must complete this form fully and accurately, and submit it by the deadline. Students are asked: “Are you receiving Individualized Academic Accommodations? Explain”. International Programs will communicate with the Director of Disabilities Resources to verify documentation has been provided. 

Medical Needs 

Students currently under treatment for an eating disorder, depression or other physical or mental health issue, as well as students requiring medication should check with your therapist or doctor during the Participation Process for study abroad program to discuss how to manage the additional stress of living in another culture and what provisions should be made for on-going health management. Students should communicate with the program onsite about any medical assistance needed overseas.