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Fees & Aid


2019 - 2020 Academic Year

SCU External Study Programs Tuition Quarter Program Fees Quarter Total Tuition & Fees Quarter
Level A1 $17,666 $0 $17,666
Level B2 $17,666 $4,307 $21,973
Level C2 $17,666 $5,307 $22,973
Level D2 $17,666 $6,307 $23,973
Level E2 $17,666 $8,307 $25,973
Level F2 $17,666 $10,307 $27,973


 1  For Level A Programs SCU bills students for tuition only and students pay housing and other fees directly to the program. Students from exchange institutions studying at SCU pay tuition to their home institutions and pay housing and other fees directly to SCU.

2 SCU students participating in an affiliated program are charged one of five price levels based on the program cost of housing and other fees.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The price of quarter, semester, and summer study abroad programs is set by the Board of Trustees in March/April of each year.  Study abroad fees for 2020-2021 will be set in April 2020. Prices are established based upon the principle that the cost of SCU-operated programs and exchanges should be comparable to the cost of a quarter's tuition and accommodations on campus. The price of affiliated programs is based upon SCU tuition plus housing, program fees, and additional administrative costs. Due to these additional expenses, in many cases the price for affiliated programs charged by SCU will be greater than "wholesale price" advertised by the program provider. The difference in price is due to the additional costs to SCU which include site visit travel, risk management, academic assessment/accreditation, on-site student support activities, consortium membership fees, and other expenses unique to affiliated programs.

NOTE: To see which price level pertains to your program and to verify what is included in the SCU Study Abroad Tuition and Fees, please visit the Program Search Page and select your program.

Affiliated Summer Programs Fees

SCU students enroll and pay tuition and fees directly to the provider institution for summer affiliated study abroad programs.

Participants in affiliated summer programs will still be able to earn major, minor, and core credits consistent with existing academic policies.  However, SCU offers no financial aid for summer terms and students are billed directly by the providers for all expenses.


Program Fees

Program fees include a combination of the program fees charged by program providers as well as costs associated with study abroad services at Santa Clara. Given the disparity of services and fees associated with those services and to enable students to apply 100% of their financial aid, Santa Clara has essentially averaged out these fees into four tiers of "Housing & Program Fees" for which students are charged via ecampus.

Santa Clara services include:

  • Administrative fees
  • Trackable mailing
  • Site assessment visits
  • Risk management evaluations
  • Academic assessment / accreditation
  • On-site student support activities
  • International consortium fees
  • Abroad transcript analysis services
  • Mandatory pre-departure orientations
  • Study abroad advising
  • Study abroad workshops
  • Peer Advising services
  • Ecampus maintenance
  • Enrollment management services

 Program Provider's services may include:

  • In-country orientation fees
  • Transportation fees
  • Student services
  • Supplemental health insurance
  • Airport shuttle
  • On-site student support services


Housing Fees

All University fees including the standard study abroad fees are set by the Board of Trustees. Prices are based on the basic standard double occupancy room on the Santa Clara campus. In keeping with Santa Clara’s academic immersion goals, the pricing structure also encourages maximum interaction with local residents. Study abroad students are billed via ecampus the normal Santa Clara tuition for the quarter plus a "Housing & Program Fees." The Trustee’s pricing policy requires that only minimum housing and required meal plans (when available) are included in the SCU price. Any alternative housing or meal plan as well as any optional non-curricular travel, is not included in the SCU price and is the responsibility of the student to pay directly to the program provider. Please review this page to avoid any confusion between the cost of the program as advertised by the providers and the actual fees billed to your ecampus account as set by the SCU Board of Trustees. 

Santa Clara University requires SCU Study Abroad students to reside in housing provided by partners and host institutions as detailed in the Costs section of the Programs database listing for each program.

Special Fees

SCU students participating in the Baja, Mexico Alternative Spring Expedition through the Environmental Studies Institute (ESI) and SCU Study Abroad will be required to pay a special travel deposit in addition to the normal SCU tuition charged for the two Winter courses required for participants. Students in the classes will be notified of the total amount by the program directors. 

Transparency Statement on Partner Universities and Educational Institutions

Santa Clara University operates overseas educational programs in partnership with some of the world’s most outstanding institutions of higher learning.  Santa Clara receives no payment for providing students to these organizations.  Programs are selected based on overall academic excellence and congruence with Santa Clara’s mission and goals.  Some travel or other costs may be shared with the overseas partner when Santa Clara faculty and staff conduct site visits for assessment, risk management, and other professional activities.  Santa Clara faculty and staff serving on partner institutions advisory boards or taking part in other professional governance or assessment activities may be partially or fully compensated for travel and other relevant expenses.  Santa Clara faculty or staff receive no other compensation from partner educational institutions.

Santa Clara University recognizes the Forum on Education Abroad’s Code of Ethics for Education Abroad.