Grades & Transcripts


All grades and units assigned to a student in an approved study abroad program become part of the student's academic history at Santa Clara University. 


At the conclusion of a study abroad program, the program provider will send the student's Official Grade Report or transcript to the Registrar's Office. It is always the student's responsibility to designate the Registrar's Office as the place to send their transcript from off campus study. Students should note that the time frame in which transcripts are received from abroad does not follow the on-campus academic calendar. Typically, transcripts are received from abroad between one and four months following the completion of the academic program abroad. Students who intend to apply for scholarships, or graduate programs, should keep this time frame in mind at the time of application for off-campus study. Once the SCU Office of the Registrar receives your transcript from abroad it will also take them several weeks to process.

Grade Appeals

The presumption at Santa Clara University is that the instructor alone is qualified to evaluate the academic work of students in his or her courses and to assign grades to that work. Students will be graded within the context of local circumstances abroad and SCU respects the integrity of different academic systems internationally; therefore, most grades are not subject to appeal.  If a student believes that a grade has been assigned in error, or in the case of extraordinary circumstances, s/he may appeal the assigned grade as follows:

1.  The final grade must be appealed by the end of the fourth week following the posting of the overseas grades to the SCU transcript by the Registrar.

2.  The student should communicate with the Director of Study Abroad to initiate the appeal process within the appropriate timeframe.
3.  The student should contact the instructor of the course to discuss his/her concerns and verify the accuracy of the grade, as well as the basis for it.  Students should include the Director of Study Abroad on this correspondence with the instructor.

4.  Following communication with the instructor abroad, if the student believes that the grade issue has not been resolved, the student should contact the overseas program administrator so that the grade may be appealed within the context of local circumstances and administrative processes.   The student should include the Director of Study abroad on this correspondence with the program.   Santa Clara University respects the differing academic processes of other cultures and therefore supports these processes as part of the academic experience abroad.  However, if after participating in the local process abroad the student believes that the error or assigned grade issue has not been resolved, s/he may submit an appeal to the Director of Study Abroad to review.  

5.  In the grade appeal the student should include a written explanation of the concern about the grade and copies of all communication with the overseas instructor and program.   The Director of Study Abroad may consult with the Global Engagement Committee regarding the appeal but will be responsible for the decision. 
6.  The student may request that the Study Abroad Director present his/her appeal to the Associate Provost who is responsible for International Programs to review.  The Associate Provost will review the appeal, and determine a final resolution.  The decision of the Associate Provost is final.

7.  A grade appeal based on a disability will be referred to the 504 office and resolved in the disability grievance procedure.