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Pass / No Pass

A Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grade is contingent on two factors: The program provider issues a P/NP grade, and the course meets SCU requirements on P/NP (page 458 of the bulletin or of the PDF). Students who qualify under these terms must request authorization from SCU Study Abroad by the end of the fourth week of classes of their study abroad program.

For Study Abroad Courses that May Be Considered for a Pass/No Pass (P/NP)

Step 1: Verify that P/NP is an option on your program or for the class.

  • Students may not request P/NP grading for major, minor or Core requirements.
  • Students may elect to take only one course per academic term for a P/NP.
  • The following programs do not offer P/NP grading.
    • CIEE
    • FIE
    • IES Abroad Language Courses
    • IES Abroad Courses at Local Universities
    • OTS
    • SIT
    • SFS
    • Spring Hill College
    • Syracuse
    • Deusto


Step 2:Edit and Email the message below to SCU Study Abroad staff (

Subject Line: Request for P/NP: Program, Term, Year, First Name, Last Name
Text: Dear SCU Study Abroad,

I am writing to request that a course be considered for pass/no pass while participating in SCU Study Abroad in (TERM and YEAR).  I have confirmed with my study abroad program that pass/no pass is an option. I am providing the following information to facilitate your evaluation.

  • Program Name (Country: City - Program Name / Provider)
  • Course number and title (enter the full course name and number)
  • Name of the professor (enter the professor's name)
  • Term and year of the course (enter the term (fall, winter, spring, etc.) and year of your program)
  • Start date of study abroad courses (enter the month, day and year your study abroad classes began - *P/NP requests must be made in the first four weeks of a class)
  • Name and email of the person at study abroad program responsible for credit and grading (enter the name and email contact for the person responsible for managing grades and credit - *this is who SCU Study Abroad will contact regarding your request)

Step 3:The SCU Study Abroad staff will email the person responsible for credit and grading on your study abroad program (and copy you) to submit your request for the course to be taken P/NP.  Final decision for granting P/NP is up to the specific study abroad program. Once a P/NP request is approved it is irreversible.