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Got a general question about coming back?

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How can I reflect on my experience?

A great way to reflect is to write a Global Engagement Report.

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How can I be a panelist?

Become an ambassador and be a Study Abroad panelist.

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How can I go abroad after graduation?

We've collected resources for global experiences after graduation.

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What is reverse-culture shock?

It presents in many ways. If you're having trouble reintegrating, talk to us.

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How can I give feedback to SCU?

We sent you a survey while you were still abroad. Got more feedback?

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  • Gus Hardy

    Diversity Perspective

    Gus Hardy

    "When I asked him how he got them, he said he had to go fishing at night, which was more dangerous, because the big fish swim then. I realized that the world's poor have to sacrifice all the more in order to sell us the better things that we as the richest nation on earth want to have, leaving them with little. It was a powerful lesson, and I don't think I've been able to look at fish at Safeway in the same way again without being reminded of what I saw in Calatagan."

  • Jason Nguyen

    Diversity Perspective

    Jason Nguyen

    "It was not just because they were nice shoes; it was because they were Nike shoes, the shoes that poor people have to assemble in sweatshops and only the relatively wealthy can wear. Initially, I felt like an identity was being imposed upon me, but then I realized that depending on my perspective, I really am in a position of privilege, such that even as poor as my family is, I am still miles better off than nearly everyone in El Salvador."