Grades & Transcripts

All study abroad transcripts should be sent to:

Office of the Registrar
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053

In most cases, the program provider will send your official transcript directly to the SCU Office of the Registrar without you requesting it. Only a few providers (Syracuse, Loyola University Chicago...there may be more) require that you officially request a transcript to be sent to SCU. 

Please review your list things to do before leaving your study abroad program as it is often indicated there or contact your program provider to be sure as their procedures may have changed.

The timeline varies depending on the program providers and when Santa Clara actually receives your transcript. Often provider waits for the grades to be sent by your faculty abroad, then they'll translate the foreign grades into the American grading system, verify that you have no outstanding balance with them, verify who at Santa Clara is authorized to receive your official transcript (to protect confidentiality), then send the transcript to the SCU Office of the Registrae. This can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months after the conclusion of your program abroad. Unfortunately, there's nothing that the study abroad office can do to speed up this process. It also takes time for the Registrar's Office here to manually post your grades after verifying the Course Approval Form that you filed at the University before departing for your program.

You can help the process by ensuring that you have no outstanding balance with your program provider as that they won't be able to release your transcript if you still owe them money.

Jason Nguyenimage

Diversity Perspective

Jason Nguyen

"Everyone assumed I was straight, even though I am gay.  I never claimed I was straight or denied I was gay, so I did not feel like I was being unfair to myself.  I just left it ambiguous and did my best to avoid the topic of my sexuality."

Elleni Hailuimage

Diversity Perspective

Elleni Hailu

“It was obvious to see that most of the Salvadorans have not had interactions with people of my ethnic background.  However, they were equally welcoming and loving.  They were intrigued by my skin color and my hairstyle and asked all sorts of questions about the subject matter but were not at all judgmental to the point where I was offended.”