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Get Involved on Campus

Welcome Back!

We trust that your readjustment to life back on campus is going well. If you haven’t already felt the re-entry culture shock, you probably will at some point in your readjustment to life back in the US and Santa Clara. Coming back can be a stressful and confusing time as you cope with all the emotions of missing the study abroad experiences. But this is also the time when incredible personal growth can occur as you begin to reflect on that whole experience. As you go through the re-entry process, please know that this is a natural phase of cultural adjustment similar to when you had to adapt to studying abroad in your host country. We encourage you to get in involved on campus to keep your international experience alive and meaningful.

  • Join the Bronco Abroad Ambassadors

    The Bronco Abroad Ambassadors is a volunteer program on campus for students who have been on Study Abroad to help other Santa Clara students learn about and prepare for Study Abroad.

  • Join the International Club

    Join the International Club on campus to practice your language skills with international students, network with former study abroad students, and serve as a mentor for incoming international exchange students from the country in which you studied.

Saron Goitomimage

Diversity Perspective

Saron Goitom

"Casa really helped me get closer to the faculty and staff from Santa Clara, especially those in the department of my major. It was a great chance for me to talk to them in a very informal setting including the beach visits and several shared dinners. I took this chance to share my experiences with them and start conversation."

Yuliana Mendozaimage

Diversity Perspective

Yuliana Mendoza

"Being enrolled in a university opens the door to join a lot of clubs just like you would here at Santa Clara University and that way you can interact with locals and still do activities you enjoy doing."