Bronco Abroad Ambassadors

The Bronco Abroad Ambassadors is a volunteer program on campus for students who have been on Study Abroad to help other Santa Clara students learn about and prepare for Study Abroad.



We've designed this entire program to fit onto your resume as a leadership opportunity.  Our ambassadors gain experience with:

  • Public speaking and communication.  Our Ambassadors have opportunities to present before crowds of literally hundreds of students and family members.  Our Ambassadors also learn how to effectively communicate in a concise manner through 1-minute video projects.
  • Presentation design.  Our Ambassadors create interactive presentations to engage their audience.
  • Professional writing.  Our Ambassadors write Global Engagement Reports, which explore their experiences 
  • Peer advising.  Our Ambassadors guide peers through the Study Abroad process.
  • Their own interests.  Our Ambassadors design their own projects to creatively achieve their own professional goals.

In addition, you'll also:

  • meet other students who have recently returned from Study Abroad
  • help other Santa Clara students, the way that they were helped before they left
  • keep the Study Abroad experience alive
  • get a free T-shirt
  • get a certificate of involvement
  • be invited to a Thank You Party
  • receive guidance on Global Opportunities after graduation


Questions for an Ambassador?

If you're an SCU student and you're interested in connecting with another student who has already been through it all, you're in the right spot.

Back at SCU and want to join?

We're always looking for more student volunteers. We've designed the program to be flexible and provide you with a great leadership opportunity for your resume.