Depending on the quarter, Bronco Abroad Ambassadors have different responsibilities and ways that they can be involved with Study Abroad.  Below, see different responsibilities broken by quarter.

Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Summer Quarter


  • Training Session
  • 2+ General Events
  • Geographic Location Presentation
  • My Experience Abroad Presentation
  • 1-Minute Video
  • Global Engagement Report (or revision)




All Ambassadors are required to attend a training for their first quarter of involvement.  After that, Ambassadors are asked to simply carefully review their "reminders" email which entails what the quarter will cover.  

Want to do something a little different?  Your ideas are also welcome!

Our estimated involvement for each quarter is about 6 hours, but if you can commit more, it is appreciated!


Santa Clara Fund recipients are required to participate in the Bronco Abroad Ambassador program for 2 quarters.