The Bronco Abroad Ambassadors support Study Abroad in a number of ways at events:

Panels/Paneling - Panels are when Bronco Abroad Ambassadors appear in front of large crowds (as many as 250!), and speak about their experience and answer questions.  There are many opportunities for you to panel as an ambassador.  We regularly hear from students that they have made study abroad decisions based on what panelists have said.  

Tabling - Tabling is when Bronco Abroad Ambassadors support Study Abroad efforts by coming to an event and standing close to the Study Abroad table talking with students or parents who pass by.  This is a great way to answer their questions.

  • Career Events
  • Preview Days

Presenting - These are student led presentations where students gather their own audience or present independently to an audience provided to them.

  • My Experience Abroad Presentation
  • Geographical Location Presentation

Other - This involves a multitude of different things at particular events.  We've had students do everything from Henna, to Karaoke leading in their second language, to more.

  • Love Languages



Study Abroad 101 session

Bronco Abroad Ambassadors help panel at a Study Abroad 101 session.