Exchanges & SCU-Led Programs

What's An Exchange?

SCU has a tradition of establishing direct exchange partnerships with institutions abroad which allows our students to study on host campuses abroad while also welcoming students from abroad at SCU. These exchange partners focus on the same high-level academic experience offered at SCU and many are founded in our same Jesuit background. SCU Exchanges are not run through a program provider so students receive pre-departure and onsite support directly from the host institution's international staff.

Exchange programs at SCU are designed for students who wish to fully immerse themselves in their host culture and society by taking classes alongside locals. These programs require students to be comfortable with ambiguity and autonomy, as well as have a desire to be independent as exchange programs are less structured than provider programs. Students on exchanges must be prepared to navigate processes such as visas and housing independently.

Students on exchanges do tend to have more opportunities to participate in student life and make local friends. Exchanges promote the highest level of immersion in the host university as well as the local community. Students that feel comfortable being flexible and desire independence with the ability to fully immerse are a great fit for exchange programs.