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Summer Series

For anyone who missed our Summer Series, we have recorded each session and invite you check them out! The Summer Series is a suite of webinars focusing on preparing and planning for study abroad that is geared to students, staff, and faculty. Please check out our "Getting Started" section for more information on these topics. 


Wednesday, August 5

Budgeting for Adventure: Cost, Financial Aid, and Scholarships for Study Abroad

Want to study abroad but confused about the cost? This webinar will breakdown tuition, program fees, and financial aid for SCU Study Abroad programs. We will also introduce students to scholarship resources.


Wednesday, August 12

#Goals: Setting Goals for Your Study Abroad Experience

It's not where you go, it's what you do! Knowing what your goals are for your study abroad experience is even more important knowing which country to go to. Our team will help you in thinking and assessing your academic, professional, and personal goals for study abroad. 

Thursday, August 27

Helping Students Navigate: Learn How to Assist Your Students With the Study Abroad Process

(For staff and faculty advisors only)

The journey to study abroad can sometimes be overwhelming to students AND their advisors. This webinar will help empower staff and faculty advisors with knowledge and resources to help support their students through each phase of SCU Study Abroad.


Thursday, September 17

Study Abroad Town Hall

Join the Study Abroad team as they launch the 2021-20 application season! We will be introducing new programs, unveiling updated resources, and answering questions about the upcoming year in study abroad. We look forward to seeing you there!  

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