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    University Governance MATTERS

    5 Shared Governance Fall 2017 selected accomplishments (in no particular order):

    1. Discontinuance of German major for enrollment in Fall 2018 and later 2. Discontinuance of German minor for enrollment in Fall 2018 and later 3. New policy for managing EthicsPoint messages regarding faculty  4. Amended Faculty Handbook re: Criteria for Reconsideration of Negative Tenure, Promotion or Reappointment Decision  (Sects. 3.4.8, 3.4A.1.4, and 3.4A.2.4)  5.  Revamping of Classics majors and minors into one major and one minor with different tracks.

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    Task Forces

    The Promoting Informal Approaches to Conflict Resolution Task Force completed their recommendations to the administrator.  Read more>> to learn about the approved recommendations.


André Delbecq Co-authored an Article on Innovative Design for University Governance

Santa Clara University's governance design is described as an alternative to the traditional bicameral model of the board of trustees and administration and the Faculty Senate.  The collaborative model uses competency-based policy committees as the primary means of formulating strategy.  Read more >>