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Task Forces

The Task Forces exist on a temporary ad hoc basis to address specific policy issues, and are formed by the University Coordinating Committee.


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    Review of Rank and Tenure Procedures

    The Task Force will review rank and tenure procedures at other institutions and make best practice recommendations to improve the rank and tenure system.

    Members: Aldo Billingslea and Betty Young (Co-Chairs), Dale Achabal, Rachel He, David Hess, Barry Posner, Amy Shachter, Debbie Tahmassebi

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    Voluntary Faculty Retirement Support Program

    The Task Force will review voluntary faculty retirement support programs at other institutions and make recommendations concerning various options for a potential program at the University.

    Members: Steven Fedder, Tracey Kahan & Cary Yang (Co-Chairs) Ellen Kreitzberg, Erendira Rubin, Meir Statman, Justen Whittall, Christine Coli (Staff to Task Force)

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    Adjudication of Alleged Academic Integrity Violations

    The Task Force will update the University's protocols for adjudication, appeal and sanctions for allegations of violations of academic integrity.

    Members: Matthew Duncan (Chair), Hohyun Lee, Cookie Ridolfi, Manny Velasquez, Tyler Krueger (Graduate Student), Austin Smith (Undergraduate Student)

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    Prevention of Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination

    The task force will create a unified policy addressing sexual misconduct and other forms of discrimination in compliance with federal and state laws, and complete a revision and implementation of Policy 311.

    Members: Belinda Guthrie (Chair), Kathryn Palmieri, Alyson Motzel and additional members to be appointed