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Task Forces listed below have completed work per their respective charge, and the recommendations are pending the administrator's response.

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    Voluntary Faculty Retirement Support Program

    The Task Force will review voluntary faculty retirement support programs at other institutions and make recommendations concerning various options for a potential program at the University.

    Members: Steven Fedder, Tracey Kahan & Cary Yang (Co-Chairs) Ellen Kreitzberg, Erendira Rubin, Meir Statman, Justen Whittall, Christine Coli (Staff to Task Force)

Task Forces listed below are pending the current availability of committee members.  

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    Prevention of Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination

    The task force will complete a revision and implementation plan of Policy 311 that creates a unified policy addressing sexual misconduct and other forms of discrimination and harassment in compliance with federal and state laws.

    Members: Laura Ellingson, Belinda Guthrie, John Ottoboni, Kathryn Palmieri, Kathleen Ridolfi, Allison Mintzer (Undergraduate student) and Alyson Motzel (Undergraduate student)