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A bi-annual retrospective of selected accomplishments by the University Policy & Standing Comittees and the task forces


Policy and Standing Committees

The University Coordinating Committee worked to foster open and ongoing communication with the President's Office around engaging the Sustaining Excellence Project in the shared governance processes.  In addition, the committee considered qualifications of faculty and staff for appointments to the Sustaining Excellence Steering Committee, the policy committees, standing committees and task forces.  Read more>>

The Academic Affairs Committee recommended for approval the creation of 1) a minor in Technical Innovation, Design Thinking and the Entrepreneurial Mindset, 2) a minor in Business Analytics, 3) a professional writing minor in English (for non-majors) and 4) an on-line MBA program.  The committee also clarified University guidelines for minors, undergraduate certificates and emphasis areas. Read more>>

The Faculty Affairs Committee approved the revision of benchmarking institutions and a draft process for conducting market analysis of faculty salaries devised by the Periodic Studies of Faculty Salaries Working Group.  The committee also engaged in consultations with the Voluntary Faculty Retirement Support Program Task Force and the Promote Informal Approaches to Conflict Resolution Task Force.  Read more>> 

The Staff Affairs Committee approved language clarifications on several policies in the Staff Policy Manual and engaged in discussions related to staff retiree benefits, staff representation on policy committees and staff housing assistance.  Read more>>

The Student Affairs Committee approved a new apparel policy for the Malley Fitness Center effective July 1st, approved revisions to the Student Conduct Code related to bias behavior, illegal behaviors and recording without permission and provided feedback to the Adjudication of Alleged Academic Integrity Violations Task Force on proposed recommendations.  Read more>>

The Planning Action Council continued discussions of the Sustaining Excellence Project goals and transparency of the working groups and the Steering Committee.  The committee also engaged in discussions about the marketing and communication department's challenges and opportunities.  Read more>>  

The Research Committee made recommendations to the Provost for the summer stipend scholarships and research course releases.  The committee also recommended faculty to the Provost for the sustained and recent scholarship awards.  Read more>>

Task Forces

The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force discussed the clusters of recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Commission, rated the recommendations and consulted with stakeholders throughout the University.  In the final weeks of the academic year, the task force will review and finalize their report to be provided to the President.

The Task Force to Promote Informal Approaches to Conflict Resolution completed their recommendation report and received endorsements from the Faculty Senate, the Faculty Affairs Committee and the Staff Affairs Committee.  The report has been provided to the Provost and the Office of the General Counsel to determine how the recommendations will be implemented.

The Voluntary Faculty Retirement Support Program Task Force developed recommendations for post-retirement health support, education and retirees connections, consulted with various groups and will provide a preliminary report of recommendations to the Faculty Affairs Committee in summer 2017.

The Review of Rank and Tenure Procedures Task Force reviewed the rank and tenure process at SCU and at comparable institutions and consulted with the Provost, deans and the Faculty Senate Council with a preliminary recommendation report to be delivered in the fall.

The Task Force on Adjudication of Alleged Academic Integrity Violations presented their recommendations to the Academic Affairs Committee and the Student Affairs Committee and also received feedback from the Faculty Affairs Committee and the Faculty Senate Council; thru this process, potential changes to the proposal were identified and updated recommendations will be presented in the fall.

The Task Force on Providing Feedback to Academic Administrators completed their report in June 2016, consulted with the deans and the Provost to address outstanding questions in academic year 2017 and implemented survey forms for the deans and the Provost and a FAQ document in May 2017.

The Task Force on Prevention of Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination received the appointment of two new student representatives in February.  The task force will continue consultations with the Faculty Affairs, Staff Affairs and Student Affairs Committees in fall 2017 before submitting a proposed Policy 311 document to the Faculty Senate Council.

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