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Honors Program

How to Apply

Application Forms

First-Year Students

Level I: Selection of first-year students

The Honors Program admits about 68 first-year students each fall.

There are two general paths into the University Honors Program as a first-year student:

  1. By invitation: Students who are offered a Presidential or Provost Scholarship upon admission to SCU are automatically invited into the UHP. Additionally, Johnson Scholar Semi-Finalists are also automatically invited.
  2. By application: High-school seniors interested in admission to the University Honors Program should submit a Level I Application Form (NEW APPLICATION AVAILABLE IN MID-LATE JANUARY 2018). Priority will be given to students who submit their application by the beginning of April. Most students will be notified of their status before May 1.


Other Students

Level II:  Admission of current & transfer students

SCU recogizes that some students may blossom after arrival at the university. In order to enhance and enrich the learning of strong, academically-minded students who did not enter the University Honors Program as first-year students, we have established a mechanism for entry after two quarters at SCU. Again, there are two paths to entry into the UHP:

  1. By invitation:  In spring quarter, after consultation with the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions to determine acceptance criteria, the Director identifies a group of "Distinguished First-Year Students". These students will attend a special reception in their honor where they will be recognized for their academic achievements at SCU, introduced to university administrators, and informed of useful university programs. Each of these students will be automatically invited into the UHP if they are not already a member. These students do not need to submit an application, but will need to meet with the Director for information on the program.
  2. By application: Enrolled students not already in the UHP may apply for Level II after completing 32 quarter units of study at Santa Clara.  Normally, the minimal grade point for admission is 3.65 in courses taken at Santa Clara. Students who transfer from another institution are normally asked to complete 32 quarter units at Santa Clara, with a 3.65 GPA, before applying to the UHP.  Based on academic records, faculty recommendations, and observations of admissions officers, exceptions may be made for a student arriving from an equally selective four-year university.

Application procedures for Level II:

  • A completed Level II Application Form
  • An essay or personal statement, as specified in the application materials;
  • Two letters of recommendation from university professors;
  • An interview with the Program director.

Timetable for Level II applications for current students:

  • By Week 5 of spring quarter: The applicant should submit an application, personal statement, and two recommendation letters (the letters in envelopes signed across the seal).
  • Decisions will generally be made immediately following the Director interview.