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Honors Program

Notable Features

Priority Registration:

Students in the University Honors Program enjoy priority registration for all courses. That is, they are assigned early times on the eCampus registration system. Priority registration facilitates enrollment in most Santa Clara courses, and it lets UHP students tailor their schedules to encourage intentional learning and attain maximum academic impact.

Residence halls:

The Honors Program respects the desire of its students to integrate into the entire SCU residential community. Therefore, instead of isolating Honors students into one residential learning community, the University Honors Program concentrates them into four of the eight RLCs in order to facilitate interactions with other Honors students. Please see Frequently Asked Questions, "Student Housing" to learn more about residential life for UHP students.

UHP Presents:

The University Honors Program holds one lecture per quarter in which a SCU professor discusses an issue related to current events or their field. Recent and upcoming talks:

Winter 2016: TBA by Dr. Scott LaBarge (Associate Professor, Philosophy)

Fall 2015:What Broncos Might Learn from a High School Dropout:August Wilson's Lessons for SCU by Dr. Aldo Billingslea (Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion; Professor, Theatre and Dance)

Spring 2015: " be led out lead out of..."  One professor's reflections on the self, education, attention, emotion, imagination, and doing the right thing by Dr. Larry Nelson (Associate Professor, Philosophy)

Winter 2015: Adaptive Sampling with Multi-Robot Systems by Dr. Chris Kitts (Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering)

Fall 2014: Ebola: Perspectives on a Threat by Dr. Tracy Ruscetti (Lecturer, Biology)

Spring 2014: Paying Moral Attention: Ethics in the Age of Techno-Distraction by Dr. Shannon Vallor (Associate Professor, Philosophy)

Winter 2014: Leadership: Values, Virtue, Vocation, and Vitality by Dr. Justen Whittall (Associate Professor, Biology)

Fall 2013: Juvenescence: It's Not Just for Kids! by Michelle Bezanson (Associate Professor, Anthropology)


Senior Thesis:

All Honors students will complete a Senior Thesis or Project before graduation. This thesis or project is designed to engage the student in research, reflection, and writing. It should also provide the students with the opportunity to work closely with faculty members who will guide in beginning, pursuing, and completing their thesis or project. Read more here.