Honors Program


Qualifications for first-year admission:

The University Honors Program generally draws its students from among those already admitted to the University as a Presidential Scholar, Provost Scholar, or Johnson Scholar Semi-finalist.  This acceptance recognizes high achievement in classes, standardized tests, service to school and community, and leadership. 

Entering Honors Program students typically present a combined SAT in the upper 1400s or higher, with a correspondingly high grade-point average in college-prep courses. As a rule, the first-year UHP class averages a cumulative SAT of about 1500 and college-prep GPA above 3.9, with comparable ACT scores (above 32).

These considerations represent typical qualifications and do not guarantee admission to the Program. The Director and faculty may weigh other factors in determining a candidate's suitability for the limited number of places available each year.


Transfer students:

Students who transfer from another institution are normally asked to complete 32 quarter units at Santa Clara, with a 3.65 GPA, before applying to the UHP.  Based on academic records, faculty recommendations, and observations of admissions officers, exceptions may be made for a student arriving from an equally selective four-year university.