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Your HR Staff

Siobhan McErlean

Employee Relations Specialist

As the Employee Relations Specialist for the University, Siobhan provides counsel to employees and managers regarding employee relations issues.  Siobhan is the primary point of contact for employees wishing to discuss workplace concerns, as well as for managers with concerns relating to their direct reports.  Siobhan provides guidance and counseling to employees and supervisors on a variety of employee relations matters, including issues relating to productivity, motivation, morale, and communications with colleagues and supervisors. Siobhan leads employee relations related trainings across campus and assists with Human Resources compliance. 

Siobhan received her B.A. from Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Siobhan was a primary school teacher for 20 years prior to transitioning to Employee Relations. Siobhan joined the University in 2012 after several years of experience on the corporate side of Employee Relations.