Timesheet Special Instructions November

Special Timesheet Instructions for University Closure Period.

Staff and Student employees who were scheduled to work during the closure period of Thursday, November 15, 2018, through Wednesday, November 21, 2018, will be paid at their regular rate of pay for the scheduled hours.

To receive payment for the scheduled hours, non-exempt staff and student employees must report the scheduled hours on their timesheets as you normally report hours worked.

Non-exempt employees who worked hours exceeding their normal scheduled hours must report on their timesheet the hours worked.

Employees scheduled to take time off during the closure period do not need to use leave accruals, i.e. vacation or sick hours. The hours should be reported as regular scheduled or worked hours.  

As it is usually the case for University holidays, staff and students do not need to enter anything on their timesheets for the Thanksgiving Holidays, November 22, 2018, and November 23, 2018, as those days are University holidays.