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COVID-19 Information

We are in unprecedented times with so much uncertainty and ever-changing scenarios. Supervisors and managers are in a unique situation to lead, encourage, and navigate through the unknown.  We want you to know that you are not alone. Included on this site are FAQs and additional resources to provide guidance and support to our supervisors and managers. The focus of these pages are on managing while we continue to work remotely and to provide guidance for our transition back to campus. 

If you have suggestions, comments, or questions, please contact a member of the Supervisor Support Team or email

Manager FAQs

The Manager FAQs were developed based on questions submitted by the community (employees and managers) during the Supervisor Townhall, the Staff Pulse survey, and via the email. Similar to the fluid situation we are in, the information and resources listed here are subject to change and will continue to be updated as new information, guidance or resources become available. 

The FAQ's are broken down in three main categories:

COVID-19 Resources for Managers

The resources below offer links to tip sheets, articles, websites, tools and other resources to assist you in your role as a manger. For additional resources, please contact Shirley Mata at 408-554-6990 or to discuss your particular situation.

Replay of Supervisor Virtual Hour #1, August 6, 2020 (NEW 08/07/2020)

Replay of July 2, 2020 Supervisor Town Hall 


Next Event: Supervisor Virtual Hour #2, Communication during these uncertain times, August 27


Supervisor Support Team

The supervisor support work has been done in collaboration and support from the Supervisor Support Team:

Jon Clough, Education & Counseling Psychology
Heather Dumas-Dyer, Residence Life
Shirley Mata (Lead), Human Resources
Mike Nuttall, Ignatian Center
Trista San Agustin, OneStop 
Stacey Tinker, School of Engineering
Rafael Ulate, College of Arts & Sciences