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Health and Safety FAQs

Health and Safety - Workplace Environment

It is important to note that per State and County Public Health Department guidance, most employees will continue to work from home through an uncertain date. When your team is tapped by your manager to return to campus, you will need to work together to ensure the work environment (office, meeting rooms, building, break rooms, etc) are in order. The Prepared SCU: How We Work document and Supervisor Checklist have been prepared to get you started. Below are some FAQs for consideration:

It is important to note that per State and County Public Health Department guidance, most employees will continue to work from home through an uncertain date. Once your unit is notified to return to campus, you will work with University Operations, EHS and Human Resources. Below are links to documents that will help you get prepared 

Supervisors should evaluate their work areas and consider the options presented in the Prepared SCU Supervisor Checklist. University Operations at will be able to provide additional guidance specific to your work area.

SCU Facilities implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols; however, all employees will be expected to frequently disinfect work areas, break areas and high touch surfaces throughout the day using provided supplies.

Per the Prepared SCU: How We Work document:

Meetings should be conducted remotely even when on campus. Zoom or other technology should be used whenever practical and reasonable. It is likely that our colleagues will continue working from a variety of on-campus and remote locations so please take this into consideration.

When in-person meetings are necessary because meeting remotely is not feasible, at least 6-feet separation is required. This will likely decrease the number of people that can gather in a meeting space and meeting areas will have posted occupancy limits. University Operations can assist supervisors and/or unit heads in determining maximum occupancies for meeting rooms. Face coverings are required during all in-person meetings.

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, they must remain home and self-isolate. Notify HR at

All employees, students and guests are required to complete the Symptom Check Survey. Should an employee indicate they have one of the COVID-19 symptoms, they should go home and follow the guidance as outlined in Prepared SCU: How We Work.

At this time, there are no designated entry/exit points. All employees, students, and visitors are required to complete the daily symptom screening each day.

In the fall those buildings in-use will be unlocked and signs will be posted with building protocols.  It is not feasible to control academic building access. Generally speaking whatever access you had before will still exist.

We will have hand sanitizers organized around building entrances/exits, but not at every door on campus.  We will triage available stock in the fall to prioritize major doors and locations with fewer hand sanitizers if needed.

Currently the CDC and County do not believe that Covid travels by HVAC unlike SARS.  Regardless of current thinking on Covid, SCU is pursuing numerous strategies in building HVAC.  Primarily, we will be increasing the amount of outside air brought into the buildings as well as other strategies.  This is outside air, so temperatures might vary more than normal.  Please plan on dressing accordingly.

We will work to reduce substantially the number of invited visitors into buildings and work spaces.  Events have been canceled and will be expected to be kept at a minimum.  We will not be actively dissuading people from walking across campus as long as they are complying with masking and social distance requirements.

According to the CDC, employees handling cash should wear a face covering and practice frequent hand-washing between customers. They can also use hand sanitizer, and, if possible, wear gloves when accepting and handling cash, coins and documents. Additionally it is recommended:

  • When exchanging paper and coin money:

  • Do not touch your face afterward.

  • Ask customers to place cash on the counter rather than directly into your hand.

  • Place money directly on the counter when providing change back to customers.

  • Wipe counter between each customer at checkout.

  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as workstations, cash registers, payment terminals, door handles, tables, and countertops on a routine basis. Follow the directions on the cleaning product’s label and clean hands afterwards.