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Policy 216 - Furlough Policy

216. Furlough


A furlough is a temporary reduction or temporary discontinuation of a regular staff position, including academic staff and fixed term positions, when in the sole judgment of the University, a reduction of the workforce, the elimination or reduction of a particular kind of work, a structural reorganization, or reallocation of financial resources is necessary.

Selection for Furlough

Implementation of a furlough shall be determined by a member of the Executive Leadership Team and reviewed and approved by Human Resources.

Furlough decisions will be determined on the basis of the current and prospective departmental operational requirements and the skills, abilities, performance, and competence of existing staff to meet those requirements.

Types of Furloughs

Full-Time Furlough

This designation applies to positions, which are furloughed 100% time. A return to work date may or may not be provided but impacted employees will be notified of return to work date at least one week in advance.

Intermittent Furlough

This designation applies to positions that have a reduction of work hours per day, reduction of workdays in a week or days without pay.  Intermittent furloughs will generally not reduce the FTE to less than .50 FTE.

Notice or Pay in Lieu of Notice

Employees will normally be given at least two weeks written notice of furlough. Employees may be given pay in lieu of notice.

Employment Assistance

Employees subject to furlough may apply for any open position with the University. HR Partners are available to answer questions that furloughed employees may have regarding open positions.

Leave Accruals

Full-Time Furloughs

Employees on full-time furlough will receive payment, on their last paycheck, for all accrued and unused vacation hours. The accumulation and accrual of sick and vacation hours will cease during the furlough period. When the employee is brought back from furlough, the employee’s sick leave balance will be reinstated to reflect the number of accrued and unused hours the employee had prior to the furlough start date.

Intermittent Furlough

Employees on Intermittent Furlough will accrue prorated sick and vacation hours based on their reduced FTE or scheduled work hours.

Benefits Continuation

During the period of furlough, benefit coverage and eligibility will apply as follows:

Medical, Dental and Vision

Employees on a Full-Time Furlough will continue to have their current medical, dental, and vision coverage for the entire time of the furlough.  While furloughed, the applicable employee premiums will accrue (be in arrears).  Employees will repay these premiums once the employee returns to work and is on pay status. The rate of repayment will be the equivalent to the amount of  ½ of the current premium deduction, making the total deduction per pay period equal to the current deduction amount plus half  (1.5 X current deduction amount) until the balance is paid.

Employees on an intermittent furlough will continue to be covered for the entire time of the furlough.  While furloughed, the employee will continue to pay applicable medical and dental and vision premiums.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Employees on Full-Time Furlough will have their FSA contributions suspended during the furlough period and until the employee returns to pay status.

The FSA plan applicable deduction will continue for employees on intermittent furlough who have elected to enroll in ant FSA plan.


Retirement contributions from the University for employees on Full-Time Furlough will cease during the furlough period.

Retirement contributions from the University for employees on an intermittent furlough will continue per retirement benefit plan rules and guidelines.

Other Benefits

The following benefits will continue as normal for all furloughed employees:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Long Term Disability

Educational Benefits

Employees on Full-Time Furlough receiving a tuition remission and eligible dependents who are receiving a tuition remission will continue to receive the tuition remission during the furlough period.

Employees on Full-Time Furlough and receiving a tuition reimbursement benefit for themselves or a dependent child will continue to receive the benefit during the furlough period.

Dependent children of employees on continuing furlough receiving FACHEX or Tuition Exchange will continue to receive those benefits during the furlough period.

Service Time (Years of Service)

During the furlough period, service time will continue to count for purposes of vacation accruals, eligibility toward retirement vesting, and years of service for all furloughed employees. 

Continuing furlough periods or furloughed days or hours will not count as hours toward FMLA eligibility.


Human Resources is responsible for interpreting and administering the University's furlough policy.


For more information concerning furloughs, including the status of benefits, contact Human Resources.


Policy Approved: August 31, 2020

Last Updated: August 2020

Last Reviewed: June 30 2022

Maintainer: Human Resources

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