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HR Customer Service Values


What Qualities Must A Department Of Human Resources (HR) Have To Truly Be Successful?
- A Message From AVP of Human Resources - 

There are lots of components to the question of "What qualities must a Department of Human Resources (HR) have to truly be successful?" HR must be approachable; be highly competent and knowledgeable; deliver on its promises; be impartial and objective; communicate effectively: and have a good understanding of what the larger organization does.

While these are critical qualities for any HR department, they all take a back seat to what are the two most important qualities for those of us here in HR: trust and credibility.
These qualities must be experienced by our customers.  Staff, faculty, students, new hires and supervisors will open up to HR colleagues that they trust. They must believe that HR will do the right thing and assist in resolving issues and concerns. Being known as a trustworthy Human Resources professional gives us credibility.
First and foremost, our goal here in HR is to solidify or regain the trust of the SCU employees who we serve.  To provide the kind of service that allows our employees to see us as trustworthy and credible.
Over the last few months, we have been developing a set of customer service values along with corresponding behaviors and have been training to these values and behaviors.  These are the values and behaviors we strive to meet and are shared below.
I, the HR leadership team, and our entire staff are deeply committed to meeting these standards.  We will not always hit our mark, and that is where I need your help.  If we fall short on these values and behaviors, let me know.  Feel free to also share our success stories with me as well. 

HR Customer Service Values

What the SCU Community Can Expect of Us

Dependability - Provide timely and accurate responses.  Be present in all interactions.

  1. Do what you say you will do.
  2. Return all phone and email messages within two business days. 

Communication - Actively listen for what the customers is saying and understand what they are feeling.

  1. Provide timeline of when you will get back to customer and keep it or contact customer within the timeline.
  2. If there is a problem, call the customer or go see them.
  3. Welcome and seek out our customers’ feedback and suggestions.

Respect - Treat others with empathy, compassion and like you would like to be treated.

  1. Apologize if you fall short and quickly make it right.
  2. Treat people with dignity and respect, even if you feel they are not doing the same.

Patience - Always be open minded; willing to see the person's point of view and willing to explore alternative solutions to meet the needs of your customer, when possible.

  1. Practice LAST in dealing with upset customers; Listen; Apologize, Solve, Thank.
  2. Listen intently to the customer, keep your focus on them as well as their issue or question.
  3. Be willing to examine alternatives.