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Retirement Plan Changes

Recent Changes to Retirement Plans

Santa Clara University recognizes the importance of helping our employees meet their retirement goals.  We therefore continuously review the components of our retirement program, such as the range of investment options and these options’ performance, value, and fees. As you may recall from our previous communication, there will be some upcoming changes to our retirement program.  To help you understand these changes we will be holding town hall meetings with our independent advisers, Blake Thibault and John Clark of Heffernan Retirement Services.  The focus of these meetings is to allow you the opportunity to hear about the changes and ask any questions you may have about the investment changes. A list of town hall meetings is provided below. 

In addition to the town hall meetings listed below, there will be a meeting in January, after the changes take place.  

Additionally, detailed investment mapping for both the Fidelity and TIAA were emailed to employees on October 6, 2016.  Not all of the investments are changing so please be aware you may not see any or all of your holdings on these lists.

A summary of the changes and a soft copy of the Retirement Changes Presentation are provided below. 

Fidelity Communication

Communications Regarding Upcoming Retirement Plan Changes


Fidelity Spectrum

Fidelity's analysis of the characteristics of the general investment categories.

Fidelity Spectrum

TIAA Communication

Communication Regarding Upcoming Retirement Plan Changes