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Retirement Plan Structure

5% Employer Contribution to a 401(a) Account

Employees who have worked 1000 hours per calendar year in 2 consecutive calendar years and who meet eligibility requirements in accordance with the University Retirement Plan Document. 

Optional Voluntary Contributions to a 403(b) Account

All Employer/Employee Contributions Tax Deferred

Santa Clara University's retirement benefits help you build long-term savings and a source of income after you retire from the University. Contributions to both plans below are tax deferred.


Defined Contribution Retirement Plan - 401(a)

The University will contribute an amount equal to 5% of your base compensation. You become eligible the first day of the month coinciding with, or next following your date of hire. You are 100% vested after 2 years of employment.


Faculty and Staff Retirement Plan - 403(b)

You can make voluntary contributions to a 403(b) plan subject to plan year limits. 


Retirement Provider Options

Retirement Planning Portal