Policy 507 -

 507. Special Awards and Other Pay Increases


Additional pay may be awarded to employees in certain cases where outstanding performance warrants it. In some cases, it is additive to base, in others not (e.g., bonuses). Pay adjustments may be made to address internal inequities, meet extenuating market conditions, or for other reasons.


Special Recognition Awards

When employees distinguish themselves, their departments or the University, by extraordinary outstanding performance, special bonus pay may be awarded. In such cases, a lump-sum award may be made in an appropriate amount recommended by the supervisors and approved by the appropriate executive officers. Special recognition awards do not increase the employee’s base rate.

Special Stipends

In certain circumstances, additional pay may be awarded to an employee whose workload has significantly deviated from normal expectations. Examples of special situations include; long-term special projects; assigned work in another department; and performing a specific position or function that is significantly different from the position for which the employee is normally compensated. Supervisors who wish to recognize these special situations should consult with Human Resources for direction and guidance before committing to or arranging for additional pay.

Other Pay Increases

Occasionally, adjustments may be made to specific pay rates to address inequities or to meet extenuating market conditions. These adjustments do not include normal merit increases, promotions, or position reevaluations. Such adjustments are coordinated through Human Resources.


Human Resources administers the University’s special awards and other pay increases policy following the procedure outlined above.


Contact Human Resources if you have questions or if you would like more information about this policy.

Policy Approved: October 23, 1998
Last Updated: October 28, 1998

Maintainer: Human Resources

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