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Performance Management

Santa Clara University seeks to ensure that employees perform their jobs to the best of their ability, and that they be recognized for good performance and receive appropriate coaching and counseling when improvement is necessary. Performance planning is fundamental to good personnel management.

Santa Clara University recommends performance planning and management designed to enhance the performance and development of all employees.

All Santa Clara University staff members are expected to participate in an ongoing performance planning process. The performance planning, management and review process is based on a performance partnership between supervisors and employees.  Most supervisors and employees are trained in this process and employees have received quality feedback. 

In the coming year we want to build on what we have done well and address that which can be done better. In the spirit of continuous improvement, the President's Staff advocates support for the ongoing process of performance planning, management and review. It is our intention both to enhance individual participation in the process and to foster organizational consistency within divisions and across the University.

The University observes a six-month introductory period for new staff members designed to allow for mutual evaluation. It allows the supervisor and the employee, an appropriate orientation, training and evaluation period to assess the employee's aptitude, interest and ability to perform satisfactorily the requirements of the position. At the conclusion of this introductory period, the supervisor must submit appropriate documentation of the performance review that has been discussed.

Human Resources offers training to new employees on how this process works and helps staff learn how to work with supervisors to set performance expectations, measures success, and ensure that clear and concise performance feedback takes place. All new staff members are asked to attend a Performance Planning workshop within the first three months of employment. To see when the next workshop will take place, please refer to the training schedule (link).

During the introductory period, supervisors will prepare and review with their employees progress reports of job performance at intervals during and at the end of six months. Performance will be monitored during this time, and documentation in the progress reports is considered in determining whether employment should be continued beyond the introductory period.

Following successful completion of the introductory period, employees engage in ongoing communications with their supervisors regarding performance expectations, goal setting, and professional development. A periodic mutual review of the employee’s position description is encouraged to insure the accuracy of the position description and to establish a basis of communication for goal setting in performance planning.

Annual performance reports are filed with Human Resources for use in determination of annual salary increases, and for training and development needs analysis and planning.

Regular performance discussions between the supervisor and the employee are scheduled to review performance goals, and results. (Annually, these discussions may be documented.) Employees or supervisors are expected to refer any performance disagreements to the second level supervisor for advice and resolution.

Department heads and supervisors are responsible for conducting the performance planning and management cycle annually. Employees are responsible for maintaining open communication with their supervisor and participating in performance management during performance planning, goal and expectation setting times in the cycle. To see when the next workshop will take place, please refer to the training schedule. For planning and reference, please review the latest Performance Planning Information.

Human Resources also offers one-on-one coaching sessions for managers and staff for the performance planning process. All employees are welcome to schedule an appointment with a member of the Human Resources staff to assist you with questions and problems related to the performance planning process. This service is intended to proactively assist all staff members in discussing and addressing concerns before they become serious problems. Please call your Senior HR Partner for additional informationa and guidance.


Understanding the Performance Evaluation Process Video


Understanding the Performance Evaluation Process

February 19, 2019

March 8, 2019