International Students

Student Employment Information for SCU International Students

The steps listed below are intended to illustrate the general steps involved in obtaining an on-campus job. 


Step 1: New Hire Paperwork Process

  • The Student Employment Office will contact you via email to come in and complete your new hire paperwork ONLY if you have not worked on-campus before or it has been more than a year since your last job.
  • Please bring the following original documents with you to verify your I-9:
    • I-94
    • I-20
    • Passport & Social Security Number (If you do not have a SSN please proceed to Step 2 & Step 3.) If you have received your SSN from the Social Security Office proceed to Step 4.

*You are NOT eligible to work until all of your new hire paperwork is completed.

Step 2: Request a Letter of Intent to Hire

  • Please request a ‘Letter of Intent to Hire’ from your hiring Department and submit this to the Global Engagement Office for a SSN request (located on the first floor of Varsi Hall).

*This is not required for J-1 students.

Step 3: Obtaining a SSN 

  • Take the ‘Letter of Intent to Hire” to the Global Engagement Office, where they will be able to assist you in requesting a SSN to complete your new hire paperwork. 
    • Once you have obtained your SSN please return to HR to complete your new hire paperwork.

*All employees paid by Santa Clara University must have a valid Social Security Number.

 Step 4: Paperwork Process

  • Once you have all the necessary documents please come by the Student Employment office to complete the new hire paperwork.

*Once paperwork is submitted it takes up to 1-2 weeks to process.


For additional information on student employment related guidelines and policies, please refer to the Student Employment Policy and Procedures Manual