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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to view my current benefit elections and life insurance beneficiaries. Can I see that information in Workday? 

A: Yes. You may view your benefit elections, including which dependents you are covering under each plan, and your life insurance beneficiary designations in Workday. To view this information, navigate to Benefits > View Benefit Elections.


Q: When can I make changes to my health benefits in Workday? 

A: Within 30 days of one of the following qualifying life events

  • Birth/Adoption of a child
  • Death of a dependent
  • Employee or dependents gains/loses coverage elsewhere
  • Marriage/add registered domestic partner
  • Other- See IRS Rules

Or during Open Enrollment.


Q: When can I make changes to my Health Savings Account (HSA)?

A: If you are currently contributing to an HSA account, you can increase or decrease your contribution at anytime during the year via the Benefits Application in Workday

If you are eligible to enroll in HSA and are not currently contributing to an account, contact for assistance.


Q: Can I enroll and/or make changes to my Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

A: Yes, only if you have a qualifying life event or during Open Enrollment.

In order to participate in FSA you will need to re-enroll each Open Enrollment. 


Q: How do I I make changes to my Transit FSA?

A: To start, stop, or make changes to Transit FSA you must create a Benefit event between the 1st and12th of the month. The benefit will begin with the following pay period that begins on the 16th. 


Q: Can I enroll and/or make changes to my Supplemental Life Insurance coverage?

A: Yes, you can enroll in Supplemental Life Insurance for yourself, spouse/registered domestic partner, and/or dependent children through the Benefits Application in Workday.


Q: Can I make changes to Fidelity or TIAA contribution amount in Workday?

A: No, all enrollment and changes must be made through the SCU Retirement Plan Portal (RPP). 

Q: How do I access Workday?

A: You can access it from your MySCU Portal via single sign-on. 


Q: Where can I find job aids to help me learn how to use Workday? 

A: Process-specific job aids, which include step-by-step instructions with screenshots showing you how to complete specific transactions through the Workday HR site at 


Q: Can I print my organization charts from workday?

A: Yes. These org charts are automatically updated with any changes to your team, and can be expanded in scope to trace back to the President. There is a print button in the top right corner and the chart can print as a PDF or PowerPoint.


Q: What access does my manager or others have to my data?

A: Access is based on existing roles and security permissions. Your manager has access to things like your compensation data and performance evaluations while your colleagues can only see your 'public ' information like 'work location'. 


Q: How do I change my physical location in Workday?

A: Please let your manager know so they can do a Location change in Workday. 

Q: What happens to notification approvals and time sensitive process actions when someone is on Leave of Absence?

A: Approvers can delegate certain actions or approvals to another employee in their department in their absence. As a result, the likelihood for bottlenecks should be reduced when people are out of the office or on leave.


Q: How do I place a leave request in Workday? 

A: To request leave from the firm, you can navigate to Time Off > Request Leave of Absence. You will be required to enter your first day of leave as well as the type of leave you are taking. Depending on the type of leave you are requesting, you may need to attach supporting documentation.  Please follow the Requesting a Leave of Absence User Guide. 


Q: Can I update or cancel my leave dates? 

A: Yes. If you have not yet submitted your leave request, you can cancel it or change the dates that you originally requested. Once you have submitted your leave request, however, you will need to contact the Leave Specialist for assistance with making updates.


Q: Do I still need to file a leave request through Matrix if I have already initiated a leave in Workday

A: Yes. You can file your claim through Matrix by calling (877) 202-0055 or within 30 days of your leave start date.


Q: Who will approve my leave in Workday? 

A: Please submit the appropriate paperwork to Matrix to approve your leave. Once Matrix approves you leave, SCU’s Senior Leave Specialist will approve your leave in Workday.  

Q: How do I submit my timesheet to my supervisor in Workday?

A: Entering time and submitting time are two different steps in Workday. Any time block on your calendar that shows “Not Submitted” is still pending your submission of that time or time off entry. After you submit your hours, your supervisor will be able to approve them.


Q: How can I know if I submitted my time for approval in Workday?

A: When your time entry for any given work week has been submitted to your supervisor, your Workday calendar will include time blocks for Hours Worked and/or Time Off that shows “Submitted.” 

 When your time entry for any given work week is final approved, your Workday calendar will display time blocks for Hours Worked and/or Time Off that shows “Approved” in green.  


Q: How do I enter time when I have both hours worked and time off to report on the same day?

A:  Via the “enter time by week” time entry option, you will be able to enter hours for multiple time types for any given day. Notice that each day defaults to have two lines for time entry. Report your hours worked and click on the plus sign (+) to add more rows. When adding more rows, you can change the time type to be any type of time off (e.g. sick, vacation, etc.). Select the time off reporting code you would like to report hours for and enter the amount of hours you took off on that day. Please refer to the Reporting Hours Worked reference guide for more details. 


Q: Can I correct a time off request that has already been approved?

A:  Yes. You can correct any time off request that has already been approved by accessing the “Time” worklet on your homepage and clicking on “Correct Time Off”. This will bring you to your absence calendar. Click on the time off request you would like to make a change and either click on the minus (-) sign to delete the time off request or edit the quantity of hours per day. Click submit. Your supervisor will then get a “to do” item to approve the absence correction. Note: if the time off request has not been approved, you can cancel the request without the approval of your supervisor. 


Q: Will the current proxy set-ups in PeopleSoft be sent over to Workday?

A: No, in Workday employees will need to either ask another Manager within the organization to approve your timesheet or perform the Delegation process in Workday.  Please refer to the Delegation reference guide for more details. 


Q: My manager is not available to approve my timesheet/time off, what should I do?

A: The next level manager can approve your hours. 


Q: Will I be able to change my payroll deductions, direct deposit, and tax withholdings in Workday?

A: Yes. Workday will allow you to view and modify information about your payment elections. These features can be accessed through the Pay worklet.


Q: Who will be able to see my compensation information in Workday?

A: You will be able to see your current compensation information in Workday. In addition, your manager will be able to see your compensation in Workday (but not your payslips).


Q: My manager did not approve my hours on time, what should I do?

A: Every employee will be able to tell if their hours or time off requests have been approved. If you notice that your hours or time off requests have been submitted, but not approved, please contact your manager and notify them that your submission is still pending approval. If your manager is unavailable to approve the hours, their manager will have access to complete this request. 


Q: What do I do if my manager has not responded to an upcoming Time Off Request?

A: If a manager is delayed in approving a time off request, you should contact your manager and ask them to review the request. The required approval will remain in the manager’s inbox until they approve or deny the request.


Q: Can I view my team’s time off in Workday?

A: Employees with the Manager role may view their team’s time off via the Team Time Off worklet. 


Q: Will I be able to access my historical pay slips or W-2 forms after September 10th in eCampus? 

A: No, however, in the event, you need those records for tax purposes or court orders, we will be able to generate them for you. 

Q: Who creates job requisitions?

A: In Workday, hiring managers or HR Liaisons (person designated in your unit to manage HR transactions) create requisitions. See the Create Job Req for Existing Position and Create Job Req for New Position job aids for more details on the actions and overall process. Job requisitions must be approved by the VP or President in the hiring manager's supervisory organization, the University Budget Office, and HR before the position can be posted.


Q: Are hiring managers able to track where candidates are in the hiring process?

A: Yes. Workday provides hiring managers with more visibility, reporting tools, and an interactive dashboard that provides real time data. They can view the candidate pool and track their progress in the recruitment. 


Q: Does Workday auto-screen applicants for hiring managers? 

A: No, Workday will present screening questions to applicants, but the system will not auto-screen. Hiring managers and search committees must thoroughly review application materials and ensure that candidates meet the minimum qualifications. 


Q: How do I add the search committee to the posting.

A: This may be done during the requisition submission process or you may contact your HR Partner for assistance if the requisition is already submitted. 


Q: Are current SCU employees able to see and apply to positions in Workday?

A: Yes. Current SCU employees must use the internal Workday career site to apply to open positions. Employees may do so by selecting the Career application in their Workday account to access the internal career site. Once an employee begins applying for jobs, they also can track the progress of their application through Workday.


Q: Is my manager notified when I apply for an internal job?

A: No, your manager will not be initially notified if you apply for an internal job. During the internal application process in Workday, your consent is required to release performance history to the hiring manager with the agreement that the information contained in these documents will be treated in the strictest of confidence and used only for the purpose of assisting in the hiring process. 

Should you be identified as the finalist for the position, the hiring manager will reach out to your current supervisor for a reference check, even if you did not list them as a reference. The hiring manager has been instructed to give you sufficient notice of the impending reference check, so you may advise your current supervisor that the hiring manager will be in touch.

Creating a Position 

Q: When do I create a position?

A: When you already know who you will be hiring. You would not be posting position.  


Q:Will I need to Create a position for each student worker?

A: Yes, in Workday each employee has its own PCN (1:1 ratio)


Q: Can I put multiple openings when I create a position?

A: Yes, however, we recommend to do one at a time.  If you are hiring a group of students with the same funding, hourly rate, and supervisor you can create more than one. 


Hiring a Student Employee: Find External Students: 


Q: How do I use ‘Find External Students’ in Workday?

A: Type Find External Student in the Search bar to view all active students at SCU that are eligible to work on-campus. 


Creating a Job Requisition


Q: Do I get notified via email about business process status on once I submit a Job Requisition? 

A: No, but you can contact student employment ( to find the status of job requisition. 


Q: Can dates be edited if I do not want application to be active anymore?   

A: Yes, please contact student employment ( to make these edits. 


Q: Can I create job requisition for others in my department?

A: Yes, you will need to update supervisory organization when you initiate the process. 


Q: Can multiple recruiters be added?

A: Yes, multiple recruiters can be added after Primary Recruiter is chosen. Please go back to the guide and follow the steps to add additional recruiters. 


Q: Can I customize the job description section when posting a student job?

A: Yes, this section is a rich text editor. You can add links, bold text, underline, etc.


Q: If a job req has multiple positions will they show up until filled.

A: The req will say Unfilled in the listing posting.