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Eddie Ngo, SJ

Eddie Ngo, SJ, has been working at the Ignatian Center as Program Director of Immersions since January 2018.

Eddie has worked at REI, prepped students for entrance exams to college, dental and medical school, taught middle and high school science, done medical research, and practiced family medicine before he attended a Jesuit retreat that changed his life. Three years later, he entered the Jesuits in the novitiate at Culver City, where it has been one huge immersion trip - accompanying prisoners, migrants, and the infirmed before heading to Mexico for two years to study Spanish and philosophy as requisite to being a Jesuit priest.

Last year, he taught science and religion at Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon, and then went to write reflections about the lives of the retired Jesuits in Los Gatos, California, until his current role at the Ignatian Center.