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Engaging a Neighbor

The Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education will lead the Santa Clara community into an intentional relationship with a specific neighborhood of Silicon Valley. Such a partnership will foster mutually beneficial developments, transformative experiences, and systemic changes. It will also build up our association with the local church and other religious groups. Through deeper collaboration, the whole University and the partner community will strengthen their roles as neighbors working toward justice and solidarity.

To engage a neighbor, we will

  • Identify, through a process of mutual dialogue, a community that is a natural partner for fostering collaborative relationships across generations;
  • Ascertain, establish, and promote concrete projects that a partner community has identified as addressing specific tangible needs;
  • Leverage existing and new relationships to foster collaboration for the maximum benefit for the community;
  • Create opportunities for reciprocal participation and involvement that will build a greater sense of mutual investment and membership in both the University and community;
  • Integrate a process of reflection (faith-based, interdisciplinary, and referring to Catholic Social Teaching) on the question posed by the Gospel: “Who is my neighbor?”

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The Ignatian Center’s goal of communicating the mission reinforces the University’s strategic priorities of Enhancing Excellence in Jesuit Education and Promoting Engagement with Silicon Valley.