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Forming Active Global Citizens

As an institution, such a commitment to the whole world stems from our catholicity. Because different people have distinct backgrounds, beliefs, and interests, we honor multiple ways of living out active global citizenship. Through transformative educational opportunities, members of the SCU community will be guided to find their own way of responsible engagement.

The Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education will expand and deepen its community-based learning programs, locally and globally, in order to reach out to a more diverse group of students and provide a more systematic approach to reflection on their experiences, in the manner most helpful to distinct groups of students.

To form active global citizens, we will

  • Ascertain, establish, and promote methods (including the increase of faculty support) for improving the integration between community-based learning experiences and relevant academic courses;
  • Design and implement strategies for increasing participation among disciplines and groups on campus that have been underrepresented among community-based learning experiences in the last five years;
  • Directly solicit faculty support for the design, promotion, and participation in community-based learning programs that match the academic and professional interests of diverse groups;
  • Systematize a process of reflection (faith-based, interdisciplinary, and referring to Catholic Social Teaching) that effectively enables students, faculty, and staff to recognize a commitment to justice and active global citizenship as essential dimensions of their vocations and/or careers.

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The Ignatian Center’s goal of forming active global citizens directly promotes the University’s strategic priorities of Fostering Global Understanding and Engagement and Advancing Justice and Sustainability.