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Dear Members of the SCU Community,

It is my pleasure to bring you the 2018 issue of explore, published by the Ignatian Center and featuring the Center’s work in the integration of faith, justice, and the intellectual life. This year’s journal is the culmination of the remarkable contributions of leading scholars among our faculty and beyond.
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I hope you enjoy the fruits of their rigorous conversations, panel presentations, and keynote addresses on the themes of racial and ethnic justice, economic justice, gender justice, and environmental justice.

Michael E. Engh, S.J.

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Explore Journal 2016-18

Is There a Common Good in Our Common Home?

The 2016-18 Bannan Institute convened faculty research collaboratives, launched a podcast series, and hosted public lectures and roundtable dialogues to advance the common good through a summons to solidarity. This issue of explore seeks to further dialogue and action around pressing issues of racial and ethnic justice, economic justice, gender justice, and environmental justice facing our world today.
Read the full issue of Explore.

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The University and the Common Good

Practicing Intellectual Hospitality: The Common Good and the Work of the Jesuit University

Catholic higher education institutions today face significant economic, cultural, and demographic changes impacting their ability to live and transmit their mission.
Read Kristin Heyer's article.

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Racial & Ethnic Justice and the Common Good

Racial Justice, Theologically

One story of conventional wisdom goes like this: Once there was horrible racism in America, and with the election of Barack Obama in 2008, we entered a post-racial era. This conventional wisdom doesn't hold a lot of water these days.
Read Vincent Lloyd's article.

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Economic Justice and the Common Good

The Moral Margins of Poverty and Prosperity: Toward an Integrative Justice Model in Business

One might assume that the booming tech industry in Silicon Valley is a sign of prosperity. Unfortunately, it is also the cause of rising poverty. High rent costs and the increased cost of living push many people into the poverty bracket.
Read the article by Nicholas Santos, S.J..

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Gender Justice and the Common Good

Discerning Spiritual Care Pathways with Transgender and Intersex People

Spiritual care for transgender people may be an easy sell to those of us already invested in the place of faith, but in discussions about what should or could be provided by stretched health care systems, this aspect of the common good is not taken for granted.
Read Susannah Cornwall's article.

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Environmental Justice and the Common Good

Not a Roadmap but a Trail: Environmental Reconciliation with the Commons

Ecology and economy share the same word origin, oikos, and when held together in balance, they can be supportive of the whole of huminity and of our common home. But ecology and economy are becoming mutually exclusive.
Read the article by Pedro Walpole, S.J..


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