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Fostering Discernment

Discernment is a key Ignatian concept and practice. It can involve good decision making, but it is really about seeking and finding God’s will in all that we are and do – individually and collectively, privately and publicly. For St. Ignatius, finding the fingerprints of God in our lives is a state of mind as much as a practice. It involves experience, but more importantly, reflection on that experience – deep, thoughtful reflection that pays attention to small details that can be easily missed.

In the Spiritual Exercises, the practice of repetitio is a key component of good discernment. It involves mulling over and savoring experience, dedicating time to letting more subtle aspects surface.  In a world which competes noisily for our increasingly limited attention, it is counter-cultural to savor, linger, and ponder in order to become more aware of the gentle nudgings of the Spirit in all things. It is also one of the most precious gifts we can seek to foster in the lives of our students and in our world, here, there, and everywhere.

Rev. Dorian Llywelyn, S.J.
Executive Director

Dorian Llywelyn, SJ

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Pope Francis surrounded by cell phones

A.I. for the Common Good

Last month, Pope Francis hosted big names in the tech world for a three-day forum in the Vatican. He warned that the race to create artificial intelligence poses the risk of increasing social inequality unless the work is accompanied by an ethical evaluation of the common good. NBC Bay Area's Scott Budman sat down with Rev. Dorian Llywelyn, SJ, Executive Director of the Ignatian Center, to discuss the Pope's address. 
Watch Father Dorian's interview

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Riley Sherr working in Costa Rica hospital

The Gospel According to Lazarus

Riley Sherr, 2019 Jean Donovan Fellow, spent the last month of his summer in San Jose, Costa Rica working in the medical field. His experience will certainly help him professionally as he continues his pre-med studies, but it is the lessons he learned in humility, generosity, and second chances that will contribute to his development as a person for others. 
Read Riley's Blog Here

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New Perspectives

The Ignatian Center's Summer Immersions program sent students to the Arizona Border, Costa Rica, Kenya and Tanzania, and downtown San Jose, giving SCU students a renewed perspective on their place in the world. "Today's fast-paced society has tricked me into forgetting to practice gratitude and mindfulness," says SJ Immersion leader, Ava Fulweber '22. "This immersion helped me recenter."
Read their Reflections

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Finding God in Googleville: A Conversation about Spatial Justice, Sustainable Urban Development, and Religious Engagement
11:45am, SCU Campus, Nobili Dining Hall

Join the Bannan Forum for a panel highlighting the work of Santa Clara faculty to explore the role of religious communities, faith-based organizations, and individuals in addressing questions of justice, housing, and the creation of flourishing local communities.


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